about us


Entranet has designed the easiest smart home system ever!
The easiest to install, to use, to expand, to configure & update.
This design is based on the simplicity of interaction in everyday use of technology. Entranet is an innovation leader developing speech recognition/voice synthesis consumer applications for the interaction between people and smart devices.

the mission

Entranet’s mission is to make every house in the world, smart! This is why Entranet creates and promotes innovative technological solutions that make life simpler and easier for everyone!

the project

The «Smart Home of the future» design is based on the V.A.S.I idea. Vasi is the Greek word for Foundation and the foundation of the future smart technologies should be based on four main principles that technologies should follow in order to be easily and widely used by everyone: Visuality, Accessibility, Simplicity, Interactivity.


Voice Recognition Accuracy that reaches 97%.


the team

Lefteris Papageorgiou

Civil Engineer,
he has more than 15 years of experience
in construction projects and sustainable energy.
He has established a large number
of successful companies in various sectors,
mainly construction, manufacturing, and energy
and supervised a great variety of projects.

Dr. Alexadros Psychogios
Director of Marketing & Communication

Senior Lecturer at the Sheffield University Business School,
a Researcher Visitor in South Eastern European Research Centre
& Associate Researcher in GNOSIS Research Group
of the Management School at the University of Liverpool.
Dr. Psychogios has a wide-range experience of participating
in various consultancy & research projects
on issues like innovation in SMEs, leadership, human resource management,
total quality management and performance management.

Ioannis Berberoglou
Senior Software Developer

Software Developer,
holds a BSc in Information Technology
and an M.Sc. in Computer Systems and Network Technologies
from the University of Macedonia.
He is an experienced backend and application developer
having taken part in many projects.
He is also experienced in the Fields of Computer Security
and Machine Learning.

Nikolaos Bagias
Software Developer

Software Developer,
he holds a bachelor’s degree from the Department
of Applied Informatics, the University of Macedonia and, currently,
attends an M.Sc. program on Computer Systems and Network Technologies.
He has extensive experience in embedded programming, as well as,
in building speech recognition applications.

Christina Lykopoulou
Graphic Designer

Visual communication designer,
she has gained extensive experience, by working in the press field
and, also, in the marketing department of a multinational company.
At Entranet, she is responsible for designing
the visual communication of the company,
as well as, the graphics implementation of various applications


the products


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