what is housemate

housemate is a device installed in a house, providing complete control through voice commands.
It has the following capabilities:

  • to centrally control all the functions of every single electronic device within the house
    (TVs and peripherals, Heating and Cooling devices, boilers etc.)

  • to be connected, through a GSM system,
    to a phone network that allows the user to use it as a phone and/or as world wide web browser;

  • finally, it is Speaker-independent and supports multilingual operation

  • worldwide Patent Pending

Easy to use


When the housemate device is on, it constantly listens to the user's voice.
The user may choose to address to the KNX devices or to any other predefined smart functions by pronouncing the selection voice command.
That's it!
A green light will turn on and he can now pronounce
a voice command followed by the execution of the respective function by the housemate.


  • User friendly to the people with disabilities and special needs
  • User friendly to elderly and people with temporary reduced mobility
  • Access to smart functions such as listening to the news or listening to music, is easier than ever
  • Fast and accurate response on user's request
  • Supports various languages
  • Easy to configure and to update
  • Attractive art design that comes in various skins


housemate allows the easiest and quickest access to the knx features that has ever existed.
It provides a new level of smart house control by using the advanced technology that the voice recognition offers.

    More specific:
  • Lighting and dimming control by voice
  • Heating- cooling and temperature control by voice
  • Blind control by voice
  • Audio-Video control by voice
  • Scenarios execution by voice

  • In advanced:
  • RSS news feedbacks by using the text to speech technology
  • Τext to speech of documents or numbers defined by the user

Easy to Configure and Update